Thursday, December 28, 2017

Riffs on Op Art

After looking at Victor Vasarely and Bridget Riley's Op Art paintings, students practiced on their own given prompts to play with complementary colors and color families, in paint or color pencil; then do one of their own, or two. Terrific work Grade 10s.

Exercises, practice, and prompts.

Original Riffs on Op Art, grade 10 students.

3 views, 3 colors, 3 sizes

This exercise again proved useful with another International class, Grade 10s (students from China and Hong Kong, Iran, and Eastern Europe).  It made them change their seats and point of view. Then, we moved onto drawing from each other and from objects in the class room, which forced them to outline the human figure and get to an understanding of contour line. 

 The first post and previous class outcomes link.

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Smart-phone Student Videos

Teaching Media Arts this Term in Ontario, Students are given exercises to edit their footage of a scene with actions, small actions, with close ups and wide shots; using photos with video for a montage effect (editing); and a 10 min Andy Warhol-like (sleep) film. The final project was an Artist video, they were shown a few examples of short videos, 3-5 min, with poetry, with music, and text. Here are a few student videos. All were taken with smart-phone/iphone. Not bad.

By Cynthia, Vivian, and Jason

By Erika

By Roy and Ophelia

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Shibori, Tie Dye, Adire

Students are shown three fabric dye techniques with cultural influences. Shibori is practiced in Japan, usually with stitching and folding techniques, and indigo dye. Tie Dye is an America's 60s tie and twist fabric and dye many colors technique. Adire from the Yoruba, Nigeria uses a resist technique and one color dye, traditionally indigo. Today, various multi color dyes are used. Then students were left to do their own folding Shibori-like, come up with their own designs for resist, and tie dye as they wished. Here are some results. Gr. 10 class, 2017.

We used a Tulip brand dye kit. It provides squeeze bottles with dye mixture, add water and go. It also includes plastic gloves, plastic worksheet, and elastics. Terrific for school setting.





Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Media Arts - iphoneography -

Portrait by Bibi C. (Student work)

Portrait by Bibi C. (Student work)

I struggled with Teaching Photography before. Like most, I hope, who have Photography training, I tend to go straight to the technical properties of cameras and photo taking instead of the ART of the Photograph and Subject. This time, I took a different approach, and I'm happy with the results. I will also tweak a few things next Term.

I found 3 lessons from a Photographer who suggested teaching kids, specifically High School kids, in a way which takes realistic view of the capabilities of Digital Technology and in particular the Smart Phone and iPhone.

After 3 Assignments/Exercises my students are gaining an understanding of the parts of a Photograph such as, Subject, Lighting, Background, Mood, and Techniques - like Depth of Field, Cropping, Full Frame in Camera, The Rule of Thirds, etc..

Yes, they learn about the 'Rule of Thirds'. We looked at Portraits, with Powerpoint, comparing Portraits from photographers such as Diane Arbus and Vivian Meier, and random 'Selfies'. We had classes where we viewed and critiqued each other's work.

Students demonstrate the beauty of B & W photographs, Mood with color, and that Depth of Field can be achieved when photographing small Toys. All of the photos here are by my Students and are/were taken with Smart Phones and iPhones. Not bad at all!

Mood photo by Cynthia.

Toy Story (Depth of Field) by Cynthia.

Portrait by Jacky.

Portrait by Jake.

Toy Story (Depth of Field) by Lucy.

Toy Story (Depth of Field) by Lucy.

Mood Photo by Vivian.

Toy Story (Depth of Field) by Vivian.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Visual Arts, Blog Portfolios - Gr.9 & 10

The Portfolio requirement is created as a Blog. This is the end of year Exam

Gr. 9 & Gr. 10 students select works from this Term and take 'studio' photos of them. How to create a blog and customize it, is done by projector and one-on-one and small groups. The expectation is that students will take it from there and make it their own.

Any written assignment, however, can be daunting for ESL students. To write in English, learn a new format, and social media program is overwhelming for many . So, I kept this in mind and assured students they could do it.

Teachers, I know, sometimes require a Blog for their students all year and have some success. I haven't tried it before, but I may now! It was a good experience for all, I think. 

Students include the following, Artist Statement, Photos of Artwork, Captions (title, material, dimensions, year made), Descriptive/Reflection paragraph, and customization of Blog. The presentation of Artworks, as a whole, includes the navigation properties of the Blog as well.

Here are a few from Gr.10:

Wendy's Art Portfolio Blog

Jacky's Art Portfolio Blog

Herbert`s Art Portfolio Blog

Eric's Art Portfolio Blog

And, a few from Gr.9:

Snow's Art Portfolio Blog

Katie's Art Portfolio Blog

Joyce's Art Portfolio Blog

Adrian's Art Portfolio Blog

I chose these Blogs as samples, they were also the most complete. Any end of year project is difficult for students, they are tired, and things were missed, or not as complete or thorough as they could have been earlier in the year. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Exam Exhibit and Artist Statement 2017

18 Students, Gr. 11 & Gr. 12. 
My first term with Secondary students with ESL, for me is a year of assessment of Art skills to build upon. For the final exam exhibit, students make selections from drawing class, painting, color theory, 1pt perspective, printmaking (styrofoam, eraser block, and lino), fibre - dreamcatchers, ojo de dios, and weaving, and open projects on the prompt of 'Home' and emotion self-portraits (after Van Gogh). 

Labels were required and students also wrote a 3 paragraph Artist Statement displayed beside their work. The exhibit is in the school lobby area for 2 weeks. 

They did well, and wrote thoughtfully about their experience making Art. The photos show only 2d work and not all Artist Statements are up yet.